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Bite Sleeve Covers

Replace your bite sleeve cover, save your sleeve!
Attack and bite work, agitation or guide training, Schsudzund ...there is not a complete list of training type a bite cover will be useful.
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French Linen Dog Bite Sleeve Cover

Protection Sleeve Cover Protection sleeve cover made of French linen with handle. This training gear is extra strong. The dog supply fits most dog...
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Protection Jute Dog Bite Sleeve Cover

Protection sleeve cover made of jute. Extra strong. Key features of this dog training sleeve: Interior padding for easy on/off sleeve fit Outside...
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Intensive Mega Strength Jute Bite Sleeve Cover for Competition level training-psc50

Key features of this Sleeve: Interior padding for easy on/off sleeve fit Outside control handle Safe jute with supreme durability Leather loops for...
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French Linen Dog Bite Sleeve Cuff with Outside Handle

Protection sleeve cover Protection sleeve cover made of French linen with handle and leather bite area. This k9 tactical gear is extra strong. The...
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Dog Bite Sleeve Protective Cover Made of Jute

Protection sleeve cover Protection sleeve cover for any dog arm sleeve is made of jute with handle. Due to its material the k9 training equipment is...
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Dog Bite Developer Cover with Control Handle

Bite developer cover made of jute. Extra strong. With handle. Use this cuff separately as bite toy to train prey drive. Key features of this Bite...
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Dog Bite Sleeve Cover (Cuff) for PS9 Protection Sleeve

Protection sleeve cover made of French linen for PS9 police dog training sleeve Key features of this Sleeve Cover: Interior padding for easy on/off...
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Dog Bite Sleeve Protection Jute Cover with Patch

Universal Jute Cover for Sleeves - PS27, PS28, PS200 Do you want to prolong the use of protection bite sleeve? Then, you've found the perfect item...
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Durable French Linen Cover for Short Training Sleeve - PSC30

Durable cover for training sleeve Key features of this Sleeve Cover: excellent quality material ultra light weight Intended use of this French Linen...
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Displaying 1 to 9 (of 14 Products)
Bite protection covers are extremely popular among professional dog trainers, as it is the best way to prolong the life of the bite sleeve. The main advantage of the covers in our store is their durability. FDT presents you a variety of models manufactured of natural jute, extra strong and bite-proof, still absolutely safe for the dog's teeth material. You may also choose lightweight French Linen. Cover with handle provides better control over the process of training. Easy to fix and remove! Designed and tested by professionals! Use professional dog equipment and enjoy safe and comfortable training.

What is the main function of the Bite Sleeve Cover

Bite sleeves are widely used by professional trainers for most kinds of dog training. Unfortunately, this bite training equipment quickly wears out because of heavy duty exercising and sharp dog teeth damage it greatly. In such a situation, bite sleeve covers will be extremely handy. They are highly recommended to be used during training sessions to protect sleeves and prolong their life span. You are presented best seller covers which were created to fit most of bite sleeves for adult and young dogs presented on the market.

What materials are used for manufacturing

Covers must be super strong and tear-proof in order to successfully sustain the bites. That is why the covers are manufactured of the strongest materials available. You can check the cover made of jute. It is a perfect choice, as among the advantages of this material is absolute safety for the dog's health and incredible durability. It is also easy for the dog to grip. An additional sign of serviceability is extra stitching of the edges.
French Linen sleeve cover is also a great alternative. French linen is gentle to the dog's teeth. It won’t cause any allergic reactions or irritations! The supply, made of French Linen is practical and reliable, as it doesn't stretch and is resistant to damage from bites, as well as resists dirt and stains. The trainers will surely appreciate comfort in use of presented covers. The round outside handle is meant to ensure better control over the process and guarantee maximum safety for hands.

Why you should choose our bite sleeve covers

Universality. Our sleeves covers are perfectly designed to be used together with the most of the bite developers and sleeves.
Supreme quality. Crafted of durable materials, the covers are sure to last for a long time and serve a reliable protection for your favorite bite sleeve. Moreover, the edges are reliably stitched to make the products stronger and to prevent their fast outwear.
Dog-safe materials. Both natural jute and synthetic French Linen are non-allergenic and eco-friendly. Any chance of allergy and irritation is excluded.

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