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Steel-Antique Copper Plated Prong Collar with Nylon Cover - 3.0 mm (1/9 inch) prong diameter 10% DISCOUNT

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  • Model: HS30#1073 50115 (13) (3.00) Cover+Collar


Dog Prong Collar with Nylon Protector

You are looking for a collar of high quality and rather cheap?! A Dog Prong Collar made of Steel Antique Copper Plated with Nylon Protector is a perfect decision! Herm Sprenger usually uses high quality metal in production of Prong Collars. These collars are to be worn high on the dog's neck, under dog's chin behind his ears. Such collars with prongs are to be chosen for disobedient dogs.

You may consider Prong Collars cruel, harmful for you dog, unreliable, believing that it may slip off the dog's head, therefore ineffective in training your dog. Still, we assure you that if you accurately follow our sizing chart, use your Prong Collar in the right way and never leave your dog unsupervised, wearing it, you will be pleasantly impressed with the results. All leading dog trainers, like Schutzhund, choose Prong Collars for training their dogs. It is a perfect way to improve your dog's behavior without harming or injuring it. Moreover, you will definitely like this Prong Collar as it will help you to keep your dog under control.

The size of the Dog Prong Collar you see on the picture is 22 inch (55 cm), the diameter of prongs is 3.00 mm (1/9 inch). It is possible to order an additional link, adding 1 2/5 inch (3.5 cm) to the collar's length, if the circumference of you dog's neck is more than 22 inch (55 cm).

Other available sizes:
3.90 mm (1/6 inch) - diameter of the prongs, 10 links - quantity of links, 24 inch (63 cm) - overall length of the collar.

This Prong Collar is made of extra strong Steel Antique Copper plated. The term Antique Copper describes an applied dull matt copper which after finishing gives an emphasis to some parts of the product.

Interesting facts you should know about the Antique Copper:
Though Antique Copper is a ductile metal, there is no point in worrying about your collar, because it was made of a very strong steel and after that plated with antique copper. Thanks to it this Prong Collar has two main advantages: it is extra durable and have a great look, all you in need in one collar! This metal has high thermal and electric conductivity. As it belongs to the same periodic table as silver or gold, it has a lot of features similar to them. It is of reddish color because it reflects red and orange light. Dog collars, wires, pots, electromagnets, plumbing, etc. are often made of this metal. With time the collar can become greenish a little bit, but you will easy remove the stains off the surface by means of vinegar and water mixture.

Few things about the Nylon Removable Protector:
This kind of material is very lustrous, it doesn't stretch and highly resistant to insects and some chemicals. So be sure that this Prong Collar Protector for your dog will perfectly save your collar from water and light reflection. Due to it the collar is less noisy and looks like the usual one.

Please be advised:
If you ordered a Prong Collar with nylon protector, you will get the Nylon Protector of the same size as the collar. In case if you ordered larger Prong Collar and you had to remove some links, it is possible to make your Nylon Protector shorter in the following way: measure carefully both the Collar and the Nylon protector, then cut the spare parts and scorch the edges.

Key features of this Dog Prong Collar:

  • It may be worn perfectly both by long and shorthaired breeds
  • It can be used for training and for everyday life
  • It is really beautiful on your dog's neck
  • It has uncommon look in comparison with other pinch collars

Intended use of this Dog Prong Collar:

  • Dog training
  • Walking

Sizes available:

  • 22 inch ( 55 cm)
  • Diameter of prong is 3.00 mm (1/9 inch)


  • Antique Copper Plated Steel

This Prong Collar Steel - Antique Copper plated will do for your dog if you:

  • need a Prong Collar because the ordinary Choke Chain doesn't help any more
  • want to make your dog obey your orders
  • aimed at better results in training
  • are looking for a reliable Prong Collar to be sure of you dog.

Warnings about Dog Prong Collars:

  • never leave your dog alone when wearing a Prong Collar! It may be injured if caught on something.
  • prong collar must be worn only on time of training
  • you should choose the right collar size, that fits your dog
  • when you keep unnecessary links on the collar, it will hang down on the dog's neck so it will not fulfill the function it was designed for
  • the other problem is that your dog's collar doesn't have enough links according to your dog's size, so it can cause problems with breathing. So, please, be accurate when measuring the neck of your dog.
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