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Herm Sprenger Dog Prong Collar with Nylon Cover/Protector - 10% DISCOUNT

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  • Model: HS31#1073 50145 (13) (3.99) Cover+Collar


Dog Prong Collar with Nylon Cover

If you want to save money, buying a nice collar for your dog, pay your attention to this Dog Prong Collar With Nylon Cover - Steel - Antique Copper Plated. It is favorably to buy a prong collar together with Nylon Protector. Prong Collar is usually made of metal and it has prongs evenly arranged around the collar. It is to be worn high on the dog's neck, under dog's chin and behind its ears. It will be a perfect choice to make if you want to train your dog to obey, but remember that Prong Collar must be used only for training.

Some dog trainers and owners think that Prong Collars are too much inhumane for the dogs. They are certain that it will hurt their dog, or it may be easily taken off through the dog's head without unlocking it. That is why they believe it to be ineffective. However, you should know that every product has its own usage instructions. If you are accurate in measuring and choosing the size of your dog's collar, carefully follow the advices of how to use it and never leave your dog unsupervised with its Prong Collar on, be confident you will achieve the desired results.

This Prong Collar is made of extra strong Steel and Antique Copper plated. Antique Copper is a general term used to describe a dull matt copper which gives darker relief to some parts of the collar after finished. Thanks to it, the Collar looks amazing!

The size of this Prong Collar is 24 inch (63 cm) with prong's diameter - 3.90 mm (1/6 inch). If your dog's neck is bigger than 24 inch (63 cm), you may order an additional link, 1 4/5 (4.5 cm) in size, which will lengthen the collar.

Other size available:
3.00 mm (1/9 inch) - diameter of the prongs, 10 links - quantity of links, 22 inch (55 cm) - overall length of the collar.

Antique Copper is a ductile metal with great thermal and electric conductivity. It belongs to the same periodic table as gold or silver so it has many characteristics similar to them. Its reddish color can be explained by the fact that it reflects red and orange light. Such products as dog collars, wires, pots, electromagnets, plumbing and others are often made of this metal. A lot of good products made of antique copper come from Germany and Belgium. Even in ancient Greece it played an important role in humans' life. In some period of time, the surface of this metal can gain a greenish color. If you noticed such stains, use the mixture of water and vinegar as the cleaner.

Key features of this Dog Prong Collar:

  • Prongs evenly arranged around the collar
  • Nylon Removable Protector
  • Swivel for better handling and leash attachment
  • New design with middle plate
  • Extra strong
  • Perfectly suits long and shorthair breeds
  • Looks gorgeous on your dog's neck
  • Has extraordinary look in comparison with other prong collars

Intended use of this Dog Prong Collar:

  • Dog training
  • Walking

Sizes available:

  • 24 inch (63 cm)
  • Prong's diameter - 3.90 mm (1/6 inch)


  • Antique Copper Plated Steel
You should choose this Prong Collar Steel - Antique Copper plated if you:
  • want to achieve best results in training
  • are aimed at your dog's obedience training
  • need to correct your dog's behavior
  • need a reliable prong collar to be sure of your dog

Some things about this Nylon Removable Protector:
This Prong Collar Protector is made of nylon. This kind of material is rather lustrous, it doesn't stretch and resistant to insects, fungi, animals, as well as molds, mildew, rot and many chemicals. It reduces undesirable water contacts and protects from excessive light reflection. It also makes the collar less noisy and looking like the usual one.

Warnings about Dog Prong Collars:

  • please, do not let your dog wear Prong Collar without supervision! It can catch on something and get injured
  • Prong Collar must be of the right size, because if there is too much links, it will hang down on the dog's neck, thus it will not be able to fulfill its functions
  • the other problem is lack of links, making the Collar too short for your dog's neck and causing problems with breathing. Be accurate in measurements while choosing the size of the collar.
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