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"Firm Action" Stainless Steel Pinch Collar for Medium Sized Dogs - 1/9 inch (3 mm) link diameter

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  • Model: MC16#1073 220.01.3009 Pinch Collar


Quality Pinch Collar for Medium Dogs with Behavioral Issues

Walking an aggressive dog that pulls heavily on a leash may turn into a torture!
If you have no other choice and a certified dog training professional suggested you use a prong collar, then this pinch collar for medium dogs may be a good choice. This prong collar is used as part of a longterm training process that teaches your dog why pulling is not appropriate. It should not be used for walks that occur after training time.

Such collars are not meant as permanent walking collars and need to be used properly and under the supervision of a trainer in order to be effective.

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Stainless steel pinch collar for poorly behaved dogs

Stainless steel pinch collar for badly behaved dogs

This prong collar is 22 inch (55 cm) long. It consists of 9 removable links made of stainless steel. This tool is not likely to discolor fur of your beloved pooch. As you may know,  stainless steel, curogan or brass do not rust. However, some dog breeds have reaction even to these materials and their fur may become colored. But a pinch collar made of stainless steel is a good choice if you live in a coastal area or your pooch is engaged in activities in humid conditions. Thanks to the fact that stainless steel contains no iron, the collar will not rust even when contacting water.

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Dog pinch collar with two stainless steel O-rings

Dog pinch collar with two rust-resistant stainless steel O-rings

Key features of this Dog Collar:

  • 2 O-rings for leash attachment
  • stainless steel
  • corrosion resistant
  • excellent quality
  • nice decorative look
  • 9 links
  • option to add extra links

Intended use of this Dog Collar:

  • obedience training

Sizes available:

  • 22 inch (55 cm)
  • weight - 200 g
  • diameter of a prong - 1/9 inch (3 mm)


  • stainless steel

Use this pinch collar for training purposes only! Being made of stainless steel, this collar will last forever. Being absolutely iron free, this stainless steel pinch collar will not rust and will shine for a long time like a new one.

Note! If your dog's neck circumference is more than 22 inch (55 cm), you can order an order an additional link, that will add 1 2/5 inch (3.5 cm) to the total collar length.

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Dependable stainless steel O-ring for leash attachment on pinch collar

Reliable stainless steel O-ring for leash attachment on pinch collar

More ''+'' features you need to know about this Pinch Dog Collar:
- suitable both for long- and short-haired dogs;
- very effective for obedience training;
- not harmful if properly used.

The Precautions we do recommend to follow:
- do not leave your dog alone with the pinch collar on;
- if you buy this collar for a dog that is still growing, you should be extremely careful and choose only the best fit size;
- the pinch collar should not sit tight on your dog's neck. Otherwise, there will be no effect because it will always pinch him, causing discomfort and can be even harmful;
- the pinch dog collar should be worn in the area just behind the ears;
- never use this collar with a retractable (flexi) lead;
- use a backup collar any time you are walking your dog with a prong collar.

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Durable stainless steel O-ring on pinch collar

Rustproof stainless steel O-ring on pinch collar

- extra links;
- nylon protector.

Advantages of a nylon protector:
- limits the influence of excessive light;
- collar makes less noise;
- creates a look of an ordinary nylon collar.

This collar comes in different sizes. Check the sizing chart to find out more.

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