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Bright Curogan Dog Pinch Collar - 3.25 mm (1/8 inch)

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  • Model: HS26#1073 50004 (67) (3.25) Pinch Collar


Are you tired of constant dogís misbehavior?

The main function of this Bright Curogan Pinch Collar is to give you as more control over your dog as you wish. If you choose this collar you won't have to repeat the "jerk-and-release" action constantly. After a few training sessions your pet will understand what behavior is expected from him. That's why with this collar on your dogís neck you will spend around 20 percent less energy to hold the dog by your side as compared to an ordinary collar. Of course there are always critics who believe pinch collars are too cruel. The thing is these people mostly never used one. The pinch collars are irreplaceable when working with large, stubborn breeds. The thing that you buy the pinch collar doesnít mean your dog is bad. Itís only the sign that you want your beloved pet to become even more obedient and well mannered. Nowadays the collars of the kind are very popular with seniors, disabled people and women.

Bright Curogan Dog Pinch Collar

Prongs of Curogan Dog Pinch Collar

The weight of this Dog Pinch Collar is about 8 oz (230 g).

To put the pinch collar on you should fasten it around the petís neck. The correct putting off process consists of undoing the rings only. To put off the collar please squeeze one of the rings and take it out of the chain.

Key features of this Dog Collar:

  • Corrosion resistant
  • No sharp edges
  • Attractive look
  • Made of hypoallergic material
  • Extra strong
  • Handy&simple to run

Intended use of this Dog Collar:

  • Obedience training
  • Every day walking

Sizes available:

  • length - 23 inch (58 cm)
  • Will do for dogs with weight up to 77 lbs (35 kg)


  • Curogan

Please be advised that the size of this Bright Curogan Dog Pinch Collar is 23 inch (58 cm) with prongsí diameter Ė 3.25 mm (1/8 inch). If the circumference of your dogís neck is more than 23 inch (58 cm) you can order an additional link that is 1 2/5 inch (3.5 cm) in length.
There is also another size available: prongsí diameter - 3.99 mm, the total length of the collar - 26 inch (65 cm).
You can order an additional link, that will add 1 4/5 inch (4.5 cm) to the total collar length.

Please take into consideration that it is very important for the pinch collar to be snugly fit to your dogís neck. If the collar is loose it wonít help you in training purpose. Besides before the training starts please make sure the collar is right behind the ears and under the dogís chin.

Curogan is an alloy of tin, copper (big portion) and some other metals to strengthen the product. There is no nickel thus the collar is absolutely safe for your dog.

Donít forget to consult professional trainer before using the pinch collar. Such collar is a training tool. Just like before starting to use some unknown tool youíd better ask somebody whoís already worked with this kind of stuff, itís necessary to consult an experienced trainer to benefit from the collar you've purchased.


  1. Please donít try to put the pinch collar on over the dogís head.
  2. Never turn the pinch collar inside out otherwise it may cause pain to the pet's head and body.
  3. Donít buy pinch collar for very young puppy (under 6 months). It can be used only for an older puppy.
  4. Donít use the pinch collar as a device for punishment. The dog should know the collar as a sign of attention, not pain.
  5. Donít use the pinch collar on dog with some medical problems (like tracheal abnormality).
  6. Remember that the dog with pinch collar should be constantly under human supervision.
This Curogan Dog Pinch Collar has a very convenient accessory - nylon removable protector. The collar with a nylon removable protector:
  • looks like an ordinary collar
  • makes less noise
  • is protected against excessive light reflection
Bright Curogan Dog Pinch Collar with Nylon  Protector

Dog Pinch Collar with Nylon Protector

Check out metal collar

Sarah Maglinger, Kentucky, USA
Date added review: 18/11/2015
Dear Guy Kotlarov, We love the items we received! Thank you for providing such high quality, beautiful dog equipment. Again, thank you for the helpful and swift service. Have a good day,

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