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Best Training Curogan Dog Pinch Collar - 1/6 inch (3.99 mm)

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  • Model: HS27#1073 50045 (67) 1/8 inch (3.99 mm) Pinch Collar


High-quality Curogan Dog Pinch Collar

If you decided that it is high time to start training your dog, you've found the right place to choose a training Collar! Training is not an easy thing and you should be prepared that this process may take some time to achieve good results. Herm Sprenger Pinch Collars will help you to deal with problems in behavior.

Pinch Collar (also called Prong Collar) is made of metal and has prongs evenly arranged around the collar. It should be worn high on the dog's neck, right under dog's chin and behind his ears. These Collars should be used only in training purposes.

Dog collar

The size of this particular Pinch Dog Collar is 26 inch (65 cm) with prong's diameter - 1/6 inch (3.99 mm). If your dog's neck circumference is more then 26 inch (65 cm), you can order an additional link, that will add 1 4/5 inch (4.5 cm) to the total collar length. So that means that if your dog's neck circumference is 28 inch (71 cm) you'll need to order 2 additional links.

Other Sizes Available Link to Product Page
1/8 inch (3.25 mm) link diameter Curogan dog pinch collar - 50004 (67) 1/8 inch (3.25 mm)

The weight of this Dog Pinch Collar is about 14.8 oz (420 g).

Herm Sprenger has developed a new copper-tin-alloy that called Curogan. It has a high copper portion and some additives which make the material strong - but without any nickel. Moreover Collars made of this material look like gold plated as well as these chains avoid a discolouration of fair haired dogs. After selling these articles for many years, the experiences of our customers show that still some dogs (less than 10%) do react on Curogan with a discolouration. Another advantage of Curogan that should be mentioned is the fact it is absolutely free of nickel. More often nickel is also responsible for allergic reactions of sensible dogs and causes for example skin rashes.
Curogan Dog Pinch Collar is made of the best alloys

Key features of this Dog Pinch Collar:

  • Extra strong copper-tin-alloy
  • Free of nickel
  • Brand-new design with middle plate
  • Symmetrically arranged links
  • Antiallergic material
  • Amazing goldish color
  • High quality Curogan alloy
  • Perfectly suits long and shorthair breeds
  • Protects your dog's hair from discoloration problems

Intended use of this Dog Pinch Collar:

  • Dog training
  • Walking

Sizes available:

  • 26 inch (65 cm)
  • Prong's diameter - 1/6 inch (3.99 mm)


  • Curogan

This Herm Sprenger Pinch Collar will meet your needs if you:

  • need a Pinch Collar, because the ordinary Choke Chain does not help any more;
  • want to achieve good results in training your dog;
  • want to solve problems with behavior;
  • simply need safe walking pinch collar, for you to be sure that you dog is under control;
  • need a collar, that will help you to avoid discoloration problems

Warnings and precautions about Pinch Dog Collars

  • never leave your dog alone when wearing a Pinch Dog Collar, it may result in injuries;
  • please, remember, if your dog is not fully grown, you should order Pinch Collar that perfectly fits for his size;
  • it shoudn't be very tight because it will not have that training effect, it will put pressure on the dog's neck all the time, so that the dog will learn to stand it or it may even cause injuries;
  • the collar shouldn't be too loose as well, it may slip off your dog's head in the most undesirable moment;
  • it will be better if you strictly stick to our sizing chart.

If you need to protect your Pinch Collar, you can also order nylon removable protector. Its main features are:

  • lessens contact with water;
  • protects against undue light reflection;
  • the collar makes less noise;
  • makes the collar look like regular collar.
HS Curogan Pinch Collar with Nylon Protector


Still haven't chosen the perfect match for your Pinch Collar? Leather dog leash for tracking will be a perfect combination with your Collar!

Leather Leash with handle

Need a solution for easy handling? Then try this Curogan-Dog pinch collar with nylon loop and quick release buckle!

HS Curogan Pinch Collar with a nylon loop

Take a Look at the Collar in 3D

Edward Corr, California, USA
Date added review: 28/12/2015
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