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"Green Lawn" Interactive Slow Dog Feeder


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  • Model: KA17#1073 Interactive Slow Pet Feeder big


"Green Lawn" Slow Bite Dog Feeder

Are you tired that your dog always begs for more after his meal?
He starts barking and following you everywhere hoping that you will give him more?
Or he sits next to you with begging eyes and you can't stand that and finally give him an the height ofextra portion of his meal?
That's bad! But you don't have to bear it any longer!
This "Green Lawn" Dog Feeder will help your dog to become full up after his bite.

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Dog Feeder with Dry Food

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Illustration of Pet Feeder - Healthy Bite

Dog Feeder Illustration

If you own a small dog breed you'd better choose Interactive Pet Feeder for Small Breeds.
The basic differences of small and big dog feeders are the size of the feeder itself, the height of the blades and intended use. The small dog feeder is used for small dogs, dogs with short snout and puppies.
Our Big Dog Feeder is suitable for different dog breeds regardless the size. It can be purchased for German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, Pit Bull, Bullmastiff, Great Dane, Boxer, Doberman etc.

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Healthy Dog Feeder

Dog Feeder for Slow & Healthy Bite

Due to its special design your dog will come across a challenge in getting his food and as a result will spend more time for it and will gradually damp his appetite.
What do you get? - Healthy and full up doggy.

Key facts and features of this Dog Feeder:

  • dog safe plastic material
  • prevents gulping and bloat
  • suitable for all dog breeds
  • creates a challenging game for a dog
  • prolongs eating time
  • makes dog hunt for food that is natural

Intended use of this Safe Dog Feeder:

  • to prolong the time of food consumption
  • to stimulate dog's basic senses
  • outside training
  • playing with a dog
  • for dry and wet food

Sizes available:

  • length - 16 inches (40 cm)
  • width - 11 2/5 inches (29 cm)
  • the highest blade is 4 3/10 inches (11 cm)
  • weight - 1.72 lb (780 gr)

Available colors:

  • green

The instinct of hunting is one of the strongest in dogs. And when a dog gets his prey, he doesn't wait until tomorrow because tomorrow there can be no prey at all. So he starts eating it immediately. And this is natural. But this is a story about pariah dogs.

The problem of modern dog owners is that their pets still have this instinct. They eat their food too fast and then beg for more because their organism is not able to send a signal to their brain so fast that their stomach is full. As a result, you can't stand these begging eyes, give him more and what you get is a dog that has overeaten yet again. He feels bad or even sick.

There is one solution to all these problems.
Our Interactive Dog Feeder will slow down your dog during his bite. Due to its special design that resembles a green lawn, your dog will have to overcome a challenge in picking up his food. It appears to be like a game and training. During such meal your dog will simultaneously stimulate his basic senses, spent more time for picking up pieces of food and will be grateful to you for such an interesting game.

You reach several goals:
1) your dog is involved into interesting for him activity;
2) your dog never overeats and stops begging for more food;
3) the risk of gulping and bloat is minimised.

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Healthy Dog Feeder

Green Lawn Healthy Bite Dog Feeder

Plastic Interactive Dog Feeder

Plastic Dog Feeder for Different Breeds

Effective Dog Feeder

Reliable and Effective Pet Feeder

Big Dog Feeder

Dog Feeder as an Interactive Hunting Game

Dog Feeder - Healthy Bite

Dog Feeder For Dry and Wet Food

Dog Feeder

Dog Feeder with Dry Food

Illustration of Pet Feeder - Healthy Bite

Dog Feeder Illustration

Check the Video to see our product in use

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