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8 m Large Flexi Retractable Dog Leash with Reliable Braking System


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  • Model: L55##1073 8m Flexi Leash large


Durable Retractable Leash for Dog Walking

Millions of dog owners worldwide use an innovative type of dog leashes called "retractable" ones. It is not surprising as such a leash considered to be much easier to use and makes every walk more enjoyable both for you and your pet.

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Perfect for rainy weather

Easy to Use Retractable Dog Leash with Comfortable Handle

You are welcome to check this Retractable Leash that is meant for handling Labradors, German Shepherds and other similar dog breeds. It has everything necessary for a perfect leash - durable construction, strong braking system, comfortable soft handle and a strong rustproof snap hook. Be sure your dog will appreciate the amount of freedom you give him. So, get this Innovative Design Retractable Leash right now! Enjoy comfortable walking and easy control!

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German Quality Retractable Dog Leash

Strong Flexi Dog Leash for Handling Large and Active Dogs

Key features of this Dog Leash:

  • durable construction
  • 26 ft (8 m) tape nylon leash
  • plastic housing
  • soft grip
  • one-hand tough braking system
  • lock button
  • chrome plated snap hook
  • fits for handling dogs up to 110 lbs (50 kg)
  • reflective tape leash and print on the housing

Intended use of this Dog Leash:

  • walking


  • large in size
  • housing - 6*8 inch (16-22 cm)
  • 26 ft (8 m) long tape leash
  • weight - approx. 22 oz (610 g)

Available colors:

  • black housing and neon yellow leash and print on the housing

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Dog Retractable Leash of the Highest Quality

Dog Retractable Leash with Reliable Braking System

The distinctive characteristics of this Retractable Dog Leash:

Innovative design
This Flexi Leash is specially designed to give your pet more freedom while on the leash. The housing is made of lightweight plastic, while the tape leash is of high quality nylon which is very practical and easy to clean material. Moreover, the tape leash is reflective. When a light source (street lights, headlights, etc.) shines on it, the reflective sheeting glows to provide enhanced visibility and improved safety.

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Dog Retractable Leash with Chrome Plated Snap Hook

Flexi Dog Leash with Chrome Plated Snap Hook

Reliable braking system
Thanks to the permanent slight tension on the tape leash and the one-hand braking and recoil system your dog will always be over your control during daily walking. It is integrated into the plastic housing, so it's easy to adjust this Leash to an appropriate length depending on surroundings. The lock button keeps the Leash at a length you need.

So, let's see how to use this Retractable Leash:

  1. To start using this Flexi Leash, hold it by the handle. The tape leash will roll in and out without slackening.
  2. Press the brake button down with your thumb to stop. The brake will stay locked as long as the button is pressed, and the Leash will remain at a fixed length.
  3. To bring your furry friend nearer, extend your arm forward and press the brake button. Then you should step toward your pet and at the same time bring your arm to your side. Release the brake button and swing your arm towards the dog and press the brake button again.


  • Do not grasp the cord or tape, you could get injured.
  • Do not let children use this Flexi leash.
  • Please never open the casing there is the risk of injury because of the spring mechanism inside which is under the tension.
  • If this Leash gets wet, pull it out of the housing at full length, activate the brake lock, and let it dry.

Take a look at retractable dog leash in 3D

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