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ForDogTrainers Presents Unique Handcraft - Painted Leather Dog Harnesses for "Pro Training"

Get the best absolutely unique hand-made and painted attack / agitation dog harness! All customers have the option of three absolutely awesome paintings - 'American Pride' - for true patriots; 'Hot Flames' for active dogs; 'Barbed Wire' for strong unflinching pets!

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American Bulldogs presents training dog harness hand-painted

American Bulldog Harnesses with Flamy and Barbed Wire Paintings

If you have already seen our collection of painted dog muzzles, then it is time to learn more about professional training dog harnesses for agitation / attack / protection training that will perfectly match muzzle collection. Our designers possess creative power that has no limits. You are offered three hand-painted models of comfortable, strong dog harnesses but taking into account that each harnesses is hand-made you can easily guess that each item is absolutely unique. People are not robots and they can't make two items identical. That is the beauty of the handcraft. Buying hand-painted dog harness you can say with 100% certainty that you have the item no one has in the entire world. Also, as you understand the beauty of the offered item is just one feature, not even the most important one. The key feature of our 'pro training dog harnesses' is that they are designed for training sessions where dog learns to attack and protect. To this end each product is super strong, durable, and tear-and-wear resistant. The paint that was applied is water-proof and absolutely safe for your dog's health. However, contacts with water are not desirable. The leather itself shouldn't contact with water. The better maintenance is provided the longer your dog will enjoy daily training and walking time!

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Hand-made dog harness

Leather Dog Harness Painted in American Style

If you like this 'American pride' dog harness click here to order it now.

Leather dog harness painted in flames

Fancy Painted Leather Dog Harness

If you like this 'Fire flames' dog harness click here to order it now.

Good looking leather training dog harness

Superb Training Leather Dog Harness

If you like this 'Barbed wire' dog harness click here to order it now.

Learn more details about our dog harnesses!

Each harness has felt-padded chest plate that is designed in such a way that when during strong hitting the plate absorbs all the shock thus protecting your dog's health. Straps and back plate of the harness are lined with felt as well. The item is provided with adjustable straps of perfect width. If properly adjusted the harness won't cut into the skin and won't cause allergies because all the materials are natural and dog-friendly. The hardware is nickel-plated steel. It is rust-resistant and will shine for a long time. Also for better control over your dog the harness is equipped with strong easy-grip handle.
One more advantage of this harness is that it is 4 ways adjustable. It means that you can fix it in 4 different places for it to be perfectly fitting and snug for your doggy. Perfect fit enables perfect wearing.

Meet 'American Pride' Harness for all who loves America with all their hearts. Hand-painted wavy-like flag symbolizes strength, endurance, high potential, bravery and of course valiance.

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Attack training leather dog harness painted for Doberman

American Style Dog Harness for Doberman Breed

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Leather dog harness with handle painted

Get Absolute Control with Handle During Dog Training

Another great 'Burning Hot Flames' Harness will look great on all dogs that are mobile, always in action and can't catch a break. Bring out your dog's nature with this very dog harness. It looks especially cool during rigorous training sessions.

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Strong leather harness with painting for Black Russian Terrier

Black Russian Terrier Harness with Safe Painting

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Agitation training harness for malamute - hand-crafted

Malamute Strong Leather Dog Harness for Training / Walking in Style

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Painted Rottweiler Dog Hanress for Walking / Training

Excellent Choice of a Harness for Rottweiler Fancy Walking / Pro Training

And the last for today, but not least 'Barbed Wire' Harness is for Dogs are not to be trifled with. Let people know that you are a lucky owner of a dog with great protective instinct and super strong.

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English Bulldog harness with barned wire painting on

English Bulldog Harness with Barbed Wire Painting

Please, check our dog harnesses in action, see how they perfectly fit and suit dogs!

Check how our products look on the dogs / Our Video

Check how our products look on the dogs / Our Video


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