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Must-Have Kit of Dog Grooming Tools is Ready to Take a Good Care of Your Pet

Everyone is welcome to find out about expanded line of dog grooming tools. Learn more information on dog grooming and must-have kit for this purpose. ForDogTrainers is ready to offer items that will help you maintain your dog's grooming in the healthiest and safest way.

a dog is a real pleasure but there are some duties to be done to enjoy well-being of your dog, and one of such duties is grooming. Of course, dogs do not need to bathe very often like people do. But there is a certain schedule to keep up. A dog's grooming needs depend upon the breed, hair type and health condition.

Grooming items and their intended use:

The latest novelty of dog grooming industry is ready to take its turn. Meet Chrome-plated Dog Brush with wooden handle. This model has two variants the 1st one contanis thick 'teeth', and the 2nd one has thin ones. Brushing has never been easier, comfier and more pleasant. Firm grip handle doesn't slip away. A dog will definitely love daily brushing if using this item. Remember that it is better to comb your pet at the rear of your pet and work your way toward the front. Work with the direction of hair growth. To prevent discomfort hold your dog's hair at the base of the mat so it doesn't pull your pet's skin. For long coated breeds, brushing helps remove hair before it mats. So, the advantages of using this Metal Brush are obvious.

Dog hair Comb for dog's coat grooming

Comb your Pet Easily with Either of these Chrome-Plated Metal Brushes

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Curry Brush. This tool is made of safe, non-toxic rubber. It contains short "teeth". The tool is to be rubbed or "curried" over the dog's coat to remove dirt, hair, and to stimulate production of natural oils. For handler's convenience, this item has a firm handle. This tool will be much of a help if you have 'hairy' dog such as GSD. This item will also help you to untangle knots in the ears, paws or tail. It is advised to use this kind of brush gently not to damage your dog's hair. Perfect choice for all short-haired dogs.

Rubber grooming brush for dogs

Firm Grip of Rubber Brush

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Shedding blade (Metal rake)

A metal shedding blade with leather covered handle has short, dull "teeth" and it is used to remove dead hair from certain types of harsh coats. This rake has a sophisticated design from the point of view of practicability, comfort, safety, and quality. It is double-sided, made of nickel-plated steel that is resistant to rust. Leather-covered handle allows firm grip, it doesn't slip away. Grooming will be a safe and effective procedure if using this metal rake. Please be advised this item is not used to cut the hair.

Leather covered handle on grooming rake

Firm Grip of Metal Rake with Leather Covered handle

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Another type of dog rake is offered to your attention. This item is made of solid steel and covered with nickel to ensure long, shiny look without a hint to rust. It is also double-sided, and moreover, 1 side contains smaller 'teeth' than another does. This rake doesn't scratch a dog's skin and absolutely safe to use. This product will be in need when removing dirt, dead skin and other detritus. The key feature of this product is that it has removable handle. You can try to use this item both ways with/out handle and decide what is more comfy for you and your pet.

Nickel-plated rake for dog grooming

Nickel-Plated Rake for Dog Grooming

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Nail clipper.
You simply can't do without this item. Nail trimming is rather important procedure and should be done on a regular basis and only with a top notch product. No need to mention all the problems that may occur if neglecting this procedure. The presented clipper has professional stainless steel blade that performs precise cuts while the cushioned, non-slip grip provides you with comfort and control while clipping. Your pet should be definitely encouraged with a treat for his patience when the procedure is done.

Durable nail clipper for dogs

Long-Lasting Nail Clipper for Dogs

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Various types of combs.

Another great and huge helper is dog grooming is ready to be presented. It is Slicker Rectangular-shaped Plastic Brush with Wire Pins. It has flat base for extra safety of your pet's health. The pins are bent at an angle approximately halfway down the pin. The slicker brush is typically used on dogs with long coats and those with curly coats. If you own long-haired dog you should own this tem. It is meant to remove dust, scales, burrs, dirt and mats from long-haired dogs. Healthy look of your dog's coat will be ensured if grooming is done appropriately and with the highest quality tools ForDogTrainers company offers.

Dog hair Comb for dog's coat grooming

Rectangular-Shaped Plastic Comb with Wire Pins

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Nickel-plated steel comb. It is perfect for short-and-middle-sized haired dogs. As you see one part of the comb has thick 'teeth' and another one has thin "teeth". Long, thin "teeth" are meant to be used for initial combing. It will help you comb out twisted hair. Using the part with thick 'teeth' you will be able to comb out fleas and brush the dog's hair more thoroughly. Please, pay more attention to the toes and the area between the toes. Metal combs can be helpful in the areas of the dog's body that are common spots for knots. Brushing and combing the tail is also important as it is a commonly missed area.

Nickel-plated Comb for dog's coat grooming

Metal Comb Nickel-Plated

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