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Meet 'Green Platter'- New Gadget in Pet Feeding Already Got the Attention of Millions of Dog Owners

Already today, you have an excellent opportunity to revolutionize your dog's feeding system! ForDogTrainers presented two types of Feeders of different dimensions. You just need to order Intermediate Dog Feeder Designed for Safe and Fun Food Consumption according to your dog's breed! Just think of it! No more Gulping, Bloating and Overeating! Your dog will eat much slower and as you know this is a healthy way of eating!

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Healthy Dog Feeder

Dog Feeder for Happy and Healthy Eating

Millions of dog owners all over the world have already tried this feeder and appreciated all the advantages of this novelty!
Usually there are 'pros' and 'cons' of buying this or that thing but not this time. We just don't have any 'cons' to present.
Just read what you are getting if having this feeder!

Your dog won't beg for food over and over again! Because the eating process will take much longer. Earlier it probably took one or two minutes, from now on food consumption will be 10- 15 minutes and your doggie will gradually become full without overeating. Think of how much money you save on food! Great, isn't it?

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Healthy Dog Feeder

Fun Healthy Bite Dog Feeder

Pet life is easy nowadays, it doesn't have to work hard to get a meal! Sad eyes are enough to get a treat! You can grant exclusive opportunity to feel and demonstrate the instinct of true 'food chaser'! Your pet will have to push his food through the grass blades and exert pretty good efforts because food will be distributed throughout the feeder. The eating will be slower, which is a good thing because the chances for gulping and bloat are greatly reduced in this case.

And it is a Great Fun for a dog! You will be able to make eating an interesting process that goes in the healthiest way! You can take this plate together with you when going for a walk with your pet. It is suitable both for dry and wet food! You can even fill it with water. A feeder is designed of health-safe hard plastic. And all the women will appreciate the fact that it can be washed in the dishwasher.

So, main advantages are following:

  • safe slower eating
  • risk of gulping, bloating and overeating is reduced
  • fun eating food consumption
  • 15 minutes of quiet time for an owner
  • huge money saving on food due to reduced chances of overeating

There are two types of this Dog Feeder. The first one is created for medium or large-sized dogs. The second one is for small breeds, puppies and short-snouted breeds! So don't think twice this item is definitely must have one and will cost you nothing in comparison with all the advantages it grants!

Big Dog Feeder

Dog Feeder as a Fun Game

Dog Feeder - Healthy Bite

Pet Feeder Suitable For Dry and Wet Food

Dog Feeder

Dog Feeder with Dry Food

Illustration of Pet Feeder - Healthy Bite

Illustration of Dog Feeder

Check the Video to see our product in use


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