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Experience Brand-New Dog Training Balls Presented by ForDogTrainers Company

ForDogTrainers company pushes forward by introducing rebranded line of dog training balls. Every dog owner and dog trainer will find the ball that will meet his needs for training session or simple daily walk.

If the time to buy dog training balls has come then you are in the right place. This news page will tell you more about wide range of dog training balls our designers created for all our present and future customers.

ForDogTrainers offers new line of rubber balls for puppies and adult dogs. Balls vary in diameter and colors. Those balls that are smaller in diameter are for puppies and small breeds. Balls of bigger diameter are for adult and large breed dogs. The customer may choose whether s/he wants hollow or solid rubber ball, with smooth or with dotted surface.

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Colorful balls of various sizes

Variety of dog training balls

Another gimmick that surprised our customers is Plush Dog Balls made of strong French Linen material. They are stuffed with safe materials and also vary in diameter. Plush Balls are equipped with strong rope. Balls of the kind are perfect for all dogs that undergo first stage of obedience training or for those who are trained for Schutzhund competitions.

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Bite Training Ball made of French Linen

German Shepherd is Trained with Strong Ball

The advantage of this model is that many items of our bite equipment are made of French Linen as well and it will be easier for a dog to get used to training with new equipment of the same material. Training your pet with Plush Ball will help him to develop his skills of bitting, prey drive chasing and will promote general state of health.

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Bite Training Balls Various Models

Various Models of Different Materials and Sizes

All people who live near river side or sea-shore will surely appreciate our line of colorful waterfowl balls designed of strong rubber. From now on no need to be afraid that the ball will sink in the water. You may train your dog near water throw the ball in water and ask your pet to fetch it! What can possibly be better than training a dog early in the morning near river or ocean when the Sun is only beginning to rise and the wind is slightly blowing? Note! It is very dangerous for a dog to be left in water unsupervised. Before entering water body you must be sure that your dog can swim otherwise it is not recommended to play in water.

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Colorful balls of various sizes

Waterfowl dog training balls

Rubber colorful funny shaped balls will be of much help for daily training activities with a dog and just for fun during everyday walks in parks. There are also balls with menthol smell that provide dental care. They prevent tartar, plaque, bad breath and futhermore they massage dog's gums. All this is offered at bedrock price.

It is easier and much more convenient to shop online especially if you do it with ForDogTrainers. So start your shopping now, enjoy cutting edge design of dog training items that are fairly priced. Spare your pocket and enjoy high quality products for many many years to come!

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