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Dog E-walk Premium Trainer And Anti-pulling Device Have Been Added To Fordgogtrainer's Range Of Products

100% effective ultrasonic devices were designed in Germany to solve dog's disobedience and pulling on a leash problems. Now they are available on Fordogtrainers.com. Great effect, no harm for a pet..

Many dog owners hate dog walking because this activity is exhausting, especially for those who have large and active breeds. There is always a solution to a certain problem. Fordogtrainers.com offers super effective ultrasonic anti-pulling device that is a real helper for dog owners who are sick and tired of being constantly pulled on a leash when walking their dogs. It is time for your pet to know that you walk him/her not vice versa. This gadget was developed by German highly qualified scientists. Your pet's health won't be affected because this ultrasonic device is harmless. The basic principle is irritative ultra sound that discourages a pet from pulling on a leash.

Main advantage of this dog-e-walk is that:
You will finally be able to enjoy walking with your pet without causing harm to anyone!

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Professionally designed ultrasonic E-walk

Highly demanded ultrasonic anti-pulling device.

If you are interested in purchasing this great item follow this link.

Main features of this gadget are following:  

  • effective ultrasonic whistle system
  • immediate reaction to the signal
  • harmless for a dog and a human
  • inaudible to a human ear
  • quickly & easily fastened to a leash and a collar or a walking harness
  • easy adjustable tone level
  • perfect for daily training
  • enjoyable pulling-free walking
  • provides total control over a pet
  • easy in use
  • absolutely safe
  • unnoticeable to others

The device is simple in use, however there are some recommendations you should know.
How to use the anti-pulling device:

1. The device is to be attached between a collar and a leash before turning it on.

2. When used for the first time, the gadget should be off, for your pet to to accustom to extra weight.

3. It is better to start using the 1st level,  it can be enough for your dog. The tone of the sound will be adjusted automatically if the pulling is harder.

4. Always praise your pet for the correct response to the sound. It is necessary to form stable reaction. Eventually your pet will know that pulling is bad.

5. Try to be consistent and patient. Some dogs need less time to stop pulling, others require more.

Also, Fordogtrainers.com offers one more great gadget that combines the features of anti-pulling device described above and the features of dog trainer. Meet ultrasonic easy-trainer and anti-pulling device created by German experts as well! The price is slightly higher but the device is more functional. The demand on this very product is incredible and this fact speaks for itself. We live in XXI century and many people work to make our daily life easier. You are offered to be carefree when walking and training your pet. No more disobedience, no more pulling on a leash! Your daily dog walking will become longer and much happier if you use this Dog-e-walk premium trainer.

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German anti-pulling gadget

Premium ultrasonic dog trainer.

Learn more about its features:

  • 4 levels of ultra-sound intensity
  • handy "plus" and "minus" options to control the signal
  • simple in use
  • safe for you and your dog
  • unnoticeable to others
  • easily attached to leashes, collars and harnesses
  • remote trainer function
  • offers quality control over your dog
  • 30 feet operating distance

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Afordable dog training tool

Popular dog training device, excellent for walking as well

If you don't know how to train your dog with the help of this devices you may find these tips helpful:

  1. When exercising off-leash training you should be within your pet's vision.
  2. Command "Sit!"
  3. If your dog doesn't respond, turn on the device and press + button on the volume control.
  4. If your pet reacts to the signal you can turn it off. Give your dog a treat for the good behavior.
  5. No need to repeat a command many times. Say it once and wait for the dog's reaction.
  6. Be consistent with your training commands.
  7. Good luck in this difficult training process full of interesting and happy moments. Remember that you patience, persistence and faith in you pet will be paid off.
  8. As you see you can train your pet off leash using this device as a remote control. The result will be more than excellent! You just need to use our tips and follow recommendations and the success will definitely come.
  9. Facts about both described devices:
  10. The DOG-e-Walk and Premium Dog Trainer are driven by a 9-volt block battery
  11. Please, change the battery if the control LED on the device flashes
  12. No cell phone can affect the effectiveness of this no-pulling device
  13. An operating distance of the signal is around 30 feet, make sure you are within this range
  14. A dog can't get used to the signal because the frequency of the signal always changes, so effectiveness is guaranteed

It is highly undesirable to train your puppy with these devices, wait until he is a fully developed dog.

Check how the product works / Our Video

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