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*Bella uses Leather Dog Leash with Stainless Steel Snap Hooks

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  • Model: L120S1073 Leather police dog leash for training


How to Use This leash in 7 ft (210 cm) length (5 ft (150 cm) is a little different in usage)
* Over the shoulder Leash: Bring handle end over your shoulder opposite to the side you wish to walk your dog, across your back and up under your armpit. Attach that leash clip to the floating "o" ring to make a loop across your upper body. Attach your dog to other end and go!

* 3.5( 105 cm) ft Leash: Attach the clip on the handle end of the leash to the "o" ring which is sewed into the other end.

* Tether: Wrap the leash around an object. Attach the clip on the handle end to the floating "o" ring. Never leave your dog unsupervised while tethered.

* 20" Traffic Leash: Make a 3.25' Leash and then grab the floating "o" ring and slide it to the end of the leash opposite the clipped ends. Now bring the "o" ring back to the clipped end essentially folding the leash in half. Clip the floating "o" ring using the same clip that is attached to the fixed "o" ring.

* Waist Leash: Wrap leash around your waist and clip the snap hook to the floating ring. Clipping the snap directly to the floating ring will help it stay put instead of falling down like a loose pair of pants. Attach your dog and go!

* Walk 2 dogs: Simply attach one dog to each leash snap and hold the leash in the middle.

* 7ft (210 cm) Leash: As is

Leather dog leash for training two length adjustable.
leather dog leash size:3/4 inch on 7 foot (2.0 cm on 210.0 cm) and 3/4 inch on 5 foot (2.0 cm on 150 cm)

Check how this product looks on the dogs (click on the pictures to see bigger image
Leather dog leash dog leash Leather dog leash

Hello Guy,
I am writing to commend you on the quality of the equipment you have again provided me! I have a working Malinois and Dogue de Bordeaux, both outfitted with your agitation harnesses. The padding has saved the fur and skin on both my dogs, and can work in them for hours! The Agitation muzzle is superbly ventilated and so suited for my climate.

Also I love your multi-purpose leads, very easy on the hands. No one believes their strength, but having a 120 pound dog hit the end hard time after time has shown the quality! I cannot find anything made in Australia that can rival your quality and price, and I reccomend you to everyone I meet!

Thanks, will definately be back for more!

From : Julie K
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Dear Guy:
?I received police leash today. Wonderful versatility, very rugged, strong stitching!!
Not sure how to do all the variations yet, but will look at your site.
Assume when on long lead, you use clip to form a handle. Correct - answer by Guy
Short lead leash is doubled. Correct - asnwer by Guy
Not sure how to use floating ring. Floating ring can be used for tie out, to make waist leash and even as choke collar - answer by Guy
Very handsome leash!
Very high quality!

Should I use leather conditioner on it? Any special kind? Don't over use it - once in a month should do the job, the leather itself is very high quality, any good leather conditioner will do the job to keep this leash in good shape for years - answer by Guy

Will most definitely check your site for other useful items! And recommend you! Wonderful advice and service! Ruth , USA

Dear Emma,
Received collar and lead VERY IMPRESSED with lead? excellent craftsmanship ! Collar well made Lead feels good in hand? Both look good on my? rottweiler pup Lucifer 7 months old 90 lbs,? will be ordering bigger training and leather collars.

Mike from New Jersey, United States

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