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"Chain Trainer" Fur Saver Dog Collar Made of Brass - 1/6 inch (4 mm)

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  • Model: MC27#1073 200.62.40060 Brass fur saver 4 mm


Reliable Brass Fur Saver Collar for Dog Obedience Training

Dogís fur is an identification of his/her health. So a loving dog owner always takes care about the coat of his dog and does everything to make it look perfect. But unfortunately some dog collars may cause rubbing and as a result the area around dogís neck may become less woolly and effect the general appearance of the dog.
So if you are the owner of a dog breed with long coat than you do understand what we mean.
To avoid such unpleasant situations and provide your dog with comfort and care our company is glad to offer you our Great Fur Saver Choke Dog Collar. Due to this collar your dogís coat will not only be saved from rubbing but also will help you to control pulling and contribute to your obedience training with him/her because it is used as a choke collar as well.
Do you need a solution?
You have already found it here. This dog collar will probably become your magic wand! And both you and your dog will be happy.

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Choke Dog Collar Made of Brass

Choke Dog Collar for Obedience Training and Walking

This brass fur saver collar is rather durable and will be able to withstand the load of your dog's pulling.
Please note that for the collar to work as a choke one please attach your leash to the relevant O-ring. The one that is attached to the end of the collar and threads the chain through the other O-ring.

Brass Fur Saver with Choking Effect

Brass Fur Saver Dog Collar

Key features of this Fur Saver:

  • keeps your dog's fur look perfect
  • can be used in any weather conditions
  • very durable
  • may be used both for long and short-haired breeds
  • usually doesn't cause allergy or other problems with health and skin
  • looks stylish on dogs

Intended use of this Fur Saver:

  • obedience dog training
  • everyday dog walking

Sizes available:

  • link diameter - 1/6 inch (4 mm)
  • link length - 2 inch (5 cm)
  • link width - 4/5 inch (20 mm)
  • see the chart below to choose the proper size

Available colors:

  • brass

How to size your dog for the Fur Saver:
Please, measure your dog's size and add 2-3 inches (5-7 cm) in order to determine an appropriate collarís size. Please note that the ideal size of the fur saver collar for your dog is when it easily goes over the head of your pet and doesn't touch the ears too much. Please, see the sizing table below to choose the best fitting choke collar properly:

Sizing Chart:

Sizes available Dog's neck size
19 3/5 inch (50 cm) will do for your dog with neck size of 17-18 inch (43-45 cm)
21 3/5 inch (55 cm) will do for your dog with neck size of 19-20 inch (48-50 cm)
23 1/3 inch (59 cm) will do for your dog with neck size of 21-22 inch (53-55 cm)
25 inch (63.5 cm) will do for your dog with neck size of 22-23 inch (55-58 cm)
26 4/5 inch (68 cm) will do for your dog with neck size of 23-24 inch (58-60 cm)
28 1/2 inch (72.5 cm) will do for your dog with neck size of 25-26 inch (63-65 cm)
30 1/3 inch (77 cm) will do for your dog with neck size of 27-28 inch (68-70 cm)
31 4/5 inch (81 cm) will do for your dog with neck size of 28-29 inch (70-73 cm)
33 3/5 inch (85.5 cm) will do for your dog with neck size of 30-31 inch (75-78 cm)

The weight of this Brass Fur Saver Collar depends on the size and may vary.
The diameter of the wire is 1/6 inch (4 mm).

1. Do not leave your dog wearing this fur saver collar without any supervision. He may try to take it off and hurt himself.
2. In case your dog is still a puppy, you should choose the size of the collar that fits him now, otherwise it will not have any obedience training effect, moreover your pup will be able to take it off easily.
3. Be extremely precise in measuring your dog's neck circumference. The collar should be neither too tight nor loose. Otherwise your dog will feel uncomfortable and you won't reach the needed result in training.

This fur saver dog collar goes in three different metals. You are welcome to check the table below with the links to Chrome Plated and Stainless Steel fur saver dog collar of the same size. Stainless Steel Fur Saver Dog Collars are classic design quality accessories. Chrome Plated Dog Pinch Collar is a more budget variant.

Other models available Link to product page
Stainless Steel Fur Saver Dog Collar Fur Saver Dog Collar 'Iron Trainer' - 1/6 inch (4.0 mm) link diameter
Chrome Plated Fur Saver Dog Collar Chrome Plated Fur Saver Dog Collar - 1/6 inch (4.0 mm)

Take a Look at the Collar in 3D

Cindi and Cohiba, Pennsylvania, USA
Date added review: 15/11/2016
Ms. Alice: I just wanted to say thank you for wanting to return the international fee on my cc. Very kind of you to contact me about it. You don't have to refund this charge. I also wanted to say thank you for such beautiful collars. (Cohiba looks handsome in them). He is an 8 month old Neapolitan Mastiff (120 lbs). I will definitely pass the word on to fellow dog lovers. here in Pittsburgh, PA, about your great products. Again, I thank you kindly for returning my email.

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