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Rolling Dog Toy - Treat Dispensing and Dental Hygiene - Large

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  • Model: TT40#1073 - Everlasting Treat Ball - large (10.5x12.5 cm)


Check the video to see how to use this Treat Dispensing Tetraflex Ball

"Roll-Round" Dog Toy for Treat Dispensing

Do you want to take a timeout?
Or are you waiting for guests to come?
But your dog always needs to be in the center of your attention and you can't just lock him in his/her room?

Try this Everlasting Rolling Dog Ball that will engage your dog in a challenging game. Your dog will be busy playing with this toy and won't even notice that you are spending your time with your family or friends.
No more separation anxiety and no more boredom behavior.

Let your dog be busy with what he/she loves and you will get more time for yourself.

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Treat Dispensing Dog Ball for Chewing

Treat Dispensing Ball for Dog's Dental Hygiene

You are buying not just a durable toy that can hold treats, you are buying a great interactive game that will engross your pet and moreover will take care of his/her teeth and gums.

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Treat Dog Ball Rolling Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene Ball for Dogs

Key features of this Dog Toy:

  • can holds various treats and kibble of different sizes
  • dishwashable
  • special everlasting material
  • rather quiet on the floor
  • safe for dogs
  • reduces dog's anxiety and bad behaviors
  • good for dental hygiene

Intended use of this Dog Toy:

  • engages dogs into interesting game
  • chewing
  • intermittent or supplemental feeding
  • as a reward

Sizes available:

  • weight - 1 1/5 lbs (555 gr)
  • size - 4 1/10" x 5" (10.5 x 12.5 cm)

Available colors:

  • blue

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Treats Dispensing Dog Toy Dental Care

Toy for Dog Treats Dispensing

You won't believe in its durability, but it is true. The hard chewers will highly estimate this dog ball. Almost indestructible this dog supply creates a challenging game for dogs who always want to chew something up and most of your previous toys are already at the "dog toy cemetery". But this story is not about Roll-Round Dog Toy. It withstands hard chewing and even if you cut the material in order to make the hole for treats bigger, it won't rip further.

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Hard Chewing Dog Ball

Chewing Challenge Dog Ball

The ball can hold two big treats from both sides.
Please be advised that ordering one ball you get it only with one treat inserted. If you would like to order more treats, please check the following page - Chewing Challenge Magic Dog Treat

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Dispensing Treat Dog Ball Game Everlasting

Treat and Kibble Dispensing Dog Ball

Also, this dog supply was designed to hold small kibble. It is hollow inside and there are special holes that have protectors which do not allow the kibble to fall out easily. Put some kibble inside and your dog will have to spend some time and turn on his brain to get them out.
You can order small healthy treats from the following page - Stay Healthy and Active' Dog Treats

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Treat Dispensing Dog Ball Toy Long Lasting

Dog Toy for Treats Dispensing Game

Pay attention to the size of the ball. It is quite big 4 1/10 x 5 inches (10.5 x 12.5 cm) and is recommended for medium or big dog breeds as Great Danes, Cane Corsos, Rottweilers, Dobermans, etc.

If you own small dog like Manchester Terrier, Boston Terrier, Pug or medium dog like Bulldog, Australian Cattle Dog, Bull Terrier, etc. then you'd better choose a small or large size dog toy correspondingly. Please see the table below and visit product pages to find to know more about other sizes of treat dispensing dog toys.

Other Sizes Available Link to Product Page
Small - 2 x 2 2/5 in (5 x 6 cm) 'Om Nom Nom' Small Dog Treat Dispenser Toy - for small breeds
Medium - 3 x 4 in (10 x 8 cm) 'Adventure Game' Rubber Treat Dispensing Chewing Dog - for medium sized dogs

Take a look at large treat dispenser toy in 3D

SPECIAL OFFERS For Owners of Large Breeds


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