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'Om Nom Nom' Small Dog Treat Dispenser Toy for Powerful Chewers - Small size

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  • Model: TT38#1073 Everlasting treat holder small


Check the video to see how to use this Treat Dispensing Tetraflex Ball

Special Extra Strong Rubber Dog Toy for Treat Dispensing

Do you want to engage your dog in a fun challenging game?
Do you want your pet to work a little bit before s/he gets a treat?
Do you need a new way of treating and rewarding your canine?
If you replied 'affirmative' even to one of the questions, then it is time to revolutionize your pet's daily life!
Get this New Dog Treat Holder and Observe the changes we promise!
Involve your doggie into fun and pretty tiresome chewing game called 'get-me-out'. Let your pet play with this special rubber treat ball! Check how funny he looks when trying to get the treats you inserted out.
Be sure it will take a while before your dog succeeds. The product is specially designed for powerful chewers and practically indestructible! So don't worry, your dog will play with this toy not for one year.

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Kibble Dispensing Dog Ball for Hard Chewers

Kibble Dispensing Ball for Powerful Chewers

Get this Chewing Dog Ball for your pet and let him/her forget about boredom and anxiety behavior. Your dog will be super busy with working over new project 'getting- that-yummy-treat-out'.

The product is approved by vets and dog trainers. Giving this toy to your pet you help him develop his mental skills and improve dental hygiene. So it is a win-win product for both of you. You will finally get a spare time while your pet thinks over a brainteaser, trying to fish out a treat.

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Treat Dog Toy Improves Dental Hygiene

Dog Treat Dispenser for Chewing Provides Better Hygiene

Key features of this Dog Treat Holder:

  • stores treats and kibble of various sizes
  • dishwashable
  • special everlasting rubber material
  • almost soundless on the floor
  • safe for canines
  • leading-edge bright design

Intended use of this Kibble Dispenser:

  • challenging game
  • hard chewing
  • intermittent or supplemental feeding
  • rewarding your pet
  • improving dental hygiene
  • prevents dog's anxiety and boredom

Sizes available:

  • weight - 2 3/5 oz (75 g)
  • size - 2 x 2 2/5 inches (5 x 6 cm)

Available colors:

  • blue

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Various Treats Dispensing Dog Toy Designed of Special Rubber

Special Rubber Canine Toy for Various Treats Dispensing

The ball can hold two bits of treats from both sides.
Please note that ordering one ball you get it only with one treat inside the toy. If you need more treats, please follow this link - 'Treat-a-licious' Dog Treats with Chicken Flavor

As you can see on the pic, this toy can hold small kibble too. It is hollow inside and there are special holes that have protectors which do not allow the kibble to fall out easily. Put small size treats inside and your dog will proudly accept this challenge.
You can order small healthy treats here - Stay Healthy and Active' Dog Treats

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Small Size Dog Ball for Chewing

Small Size Dog Ball for Chewing

Special rubber was used to produce this treat dispenser. So you can be sure it will serve your pet for a long time and will give him lots of positive emotions when playing with it. The kibble that is already in the ball is super tasty and safe for your pet.

Please, note! This page offers Small size of Treat Holders. It is the best choice for small breeds like Pug, Manchester Terrier, Boston Terrier.

If you need medium or large size Treat Dog Toy then please follow the links provided in the table below:

Other Sizes Available Link to Product Page
Medium - 3 x 4 in (10 x 8 cm) 'Adventure Game' Rubber Treat Dispensing Chewing Dog - for medium sized dogs
Large - 4 1/10 x 5 in (10.5 x 12.5cm) Rolling Dog Toy - Treat Dispensing and Dental Hygiene - for large dogs

Take a look at small treat dispenser toy in 3D

SPECIAL OFFERS For Owners of Large Breeds


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