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Durable Flying Dog Disk for Training and Having Fun - 9 Inch (22 cm)


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  • Model: TT46#1073 9 Inch Foam Flying Dog Disk - Small


Check the Video How to Use this Easy Glide DuraFoam Disc

Durable Ergonomic Design Foam Dog Flying Disk

Want to start training your beloved doggy to catch a flying disk? But you don't know where to start and what item to choose?
Stop searching! This DuraFoam Dog Flying Disk is the thing you need!
No matter if your dog is small or large, all canines love to play. Just get this Disk, go to your backyard or to the dog park, throw this item and let your pet catch it. Such kind of activity is very exciting for dogs because it engages the instinct to chase and stop small moving objects.

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Soft to Touch Foam Dog Flying Disk

Soft Dog Flying Disk Safe for Your Pet's Gums

Be sure this Disk flies nice even if you are terrible at throwing a frisbee. You will quickly learn to do this properly as well as your dog will understand how to catch it and have fun. All you need is to be patient and willing to spend a lot of time with your furry friend. Use this Disk for dog competitions, water activities and casual plays - let your doggy be fit and healthy!

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Top Quality Dog Flying Disk

Durable Foam Dog Flying Disk for Playing and Training

Key features of this Dog Toy:

  • durable patented material
  • safe for your dog's teeth and gums
  • easy to throw straight and level
  • water floating
  • bright color

Intended use of this Dog Toy:

  • playing
  • easy training
  • flying disk dog competitions
  • water activities
  • can serve as a water bowl


  • weight - 3.5 oz (100 g)
  • diameter - 9 inch (22 cm)


  • yellow

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Foam Dog Flying Disk for Playing

Aerodynamic Design DuraFoam Dog Flying Disk

What are the advantages of this Easy Glide DuraFoam Disc:

This dog supply is made of durable patented material which is safe for your pet's health as it contains no toxic substances. Moreover, it is rather soft, so it won't cut or hurt your dog's mouth like hard plastic frisbees can.

This Disk is perfect for teaching your adorable pet to catch. Even if you are inexperienced, it is easy to throw straight and level. The special aerodynamic design allows it to glide through the air without taking sharp arcs and turns, as well as land gently, making it easy for your dog to follow and catch.

You can also use it for playing with your dog in the pool as the material is water floating and doesn't deform after getting wet. Besides, this Disk has one more function - it can serve as a water bowl. Place it flat on the ground, fill it with water and let your dog quench his thirst after long training session and having so much fun.

Please, read before using this Flying Dog Disk:

  • Do not allow your pet to chew it, this is not a chewing toy.
  • Choose for your activity a wide open space, preferably fenced not to break everything around. Also be careful playing with your dog in the park. Pick a spot where you will not be able to hurt the people around.
  • It is not recommended to use a frisbee disk for playing with little puppies. It can be dangerous for their joints. Instead, stick to roller-throws when the Disc never leaves the ground.

Take a look at flying disk in 3D

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