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Protective Dog Training Set - X-Sleeve, Cover, Agitation Whip, Extra Cover for FREE


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  • Model: SE000361073 Training set - PS200, PSC4, TE10, extra PSC4 as present


Revolutionary Protection Bite Training Set




  • It has a tri-level bite bar regulation to adjust to a proper training level
  • There is no outside metal or plastic parts that keeps the dog safe
  • Suits for many activities: from personal protection to dog sports
  • Supreme quality by using durable NK material, specially created for ForDogTrainers
  • 6 ways adjustable inside handle for comfort and better manoeuvring

Bite sleeve
You may remove or put inside NK inserts easily to suit any stage of dog bite training.

Bite sleeve
There is NO metal or plastic outside clips are added to minimize the risk of injury. The sleeve is reinforced with hand stitching.

Bite sleeve
Better maneuvering due to a well-thought design and special NK material.

Bite sleeve
† Please, remember to use this sleeve with a cover only. Replace the covers, not sleeves!

Here you are offered one sleeve for a lifetime, for any stage of bite training. You may remove or add NK inserts depending on the training stage. No inserts - beginning. One insert - intermediate. Two inserts - advanced. There is a revolutionary tri-level bite bar regulation. From now on, you can give up on 3 different sleeves that are used for beginning to intermediate and then advanced bite training and use one instead! Besides, you will receive a special 10% discount, which is already applied to the price of this set.

NOTE! You will receive a present, if you order this bite set!

Check out this top notch bite sleeve in action. Have a closer look at this revolution bite sleeve

What advantages does this bite set give you? You pay for ONE bite sleeve and get THREE-IN-ONE. Besides:

  • you will save money- here you order a whole set of bite sleeve, removable cover, agitation whip and a PRESENT - extra cover for FREE!
  • you will save time- each time you take training to a new stage, there is no need to search for a new sleeve. Spend less than a minute to remove or add inserts.
  • you will save space - with all the other training stuff on the shelf one bite sleeve wonít take much room.
  • you will have less stuff to take with you if you train dogs at different stages and in different locations.
  • you will stand out from the rest - no need to use three bite sleeves and pay three times more. Pay less than your friends and other trainers do. Stay different.

Please, note! This bite sleeve must be used with a cover. It will prevent it from quick outwear. You will receive a training bite sleeve and cover and an additional cover as present. The bite sleeve is made flexible and comfortable for YOU. So, itís not just a sleeve, it's more like your upgraded hand.

  • It bends where you want it to.
  • It adjusts where the sleeve needs to be regulated for the best fit.
  • It has a 6 ways adjustable inside handle to properly contour the shape of your hand: regulate the distance from your elbow to the wrist, degree of the wrist twist.
  • It is hard enough not to shift around while working the bite.

Take a look at protection sleeve in 3D

This set is created for you to get the most out of training. But we care about both parties of dog-human relations. The X-sleeve has no outside plastic or metal parts, and the dog's safety is on equal basis. Even at the advanced level of bite training the sleeve is safe to bite. Your dog is unlikely to break his teeth or damage his jaw. Special NK material has no toxicants and provides the level of sturdiness to challenge the dog but not to harm him. You will have less hassle with the sleeve, but more attention is given to the dog instead.

Click on the pictures to see bigger image

Bite Protection Sleeve - PS200 - fits Jeffrey perfectly

Helper Jeffrey, training with Atlas - German Shepherd, feels comfortable in Bite Protection Sleeve - From Tennessee, USA

One more advantage of† NK material is that it is no ordinary that you will find in any dog store. We specially developed it for this X-sleeve to get durability you want to have. This exclusive material is extremely sturdy. Even if your dog bites the sleeve through, there is a very small likelihood that it will tear apart.

Check how our products look on the dogs/ Our Video

So, this X-sleeve will make YOUR life easier today, because:

  • you get THREE sleeves when actually ordering ONE: all stages of bite training with one item
  • allows for the necessary range of movements
  • you can adjust it to fit your arm
  • safe for the dog to bite
  • constantly challenges the dog
  • durable and hard to damage

Change your life right now with one click once and for all. Order this training set and receive a discount of 10% off.

Check our bite sleeve in use / Our Video

Video was provided by Kevin Nguyen from Texas, USA.

David Santos, North Carolina, United States
Date added review: 27/08/2013
Dear Alice, Thank you for all of your help! I got the scratch suit today! I will be buying more stuff in the future! Thank you, David Santos from North Carolina, United States

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]
Mark, United States
I have received all items as ordered yesterday. Thank for again for the upgrade in shipping. I wasnt expecting them until later this week. I worked my young GSD this afternoon on escape bites with the sleeve. As expected, the X-Sleeve - PS200 is a great sleeve, very comfortable. I removed two of the bite bar pads easily to suit my young dog. I like the adjustable bite bar. It is a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to doing more in the future. Regards,

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

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