New Revolutionary 2021 Bite Protection Sleeve and Jute Cover - X-Sleeve with Jute Cover for Dog Training


I just Receiced my revolutionary sleeve today 2-6-14. Just from the looks alone I am impressed. Although my order was confusing initially this company stayed persistent and got it right. Of course I couldnt wait to try it out, so I put my 3yr old Mal on it. Lets just say he has some adjustments to make. Not bad but not good. Looking forward to the finish product with him in a couple of weeks. Impressive piece of equipment, a must have if your serious about training and having good grips with your dog. I will definitely be ordering more equipment from fordogtrainers. Thank you again for your prompt communication we have had over the last week.

Terrance, Washington, DC

Terrance Liddell, 02/06/2014
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