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Buy Now Puppy Training Set and Get Great Training Toy ( value $5.9) - Set (BiteTug+pocket toy+bite rag) 3485


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  • Model: TE64#1073 French linen tugs set (3 items)


Get everything you need to start training your puppy to bite and to develop healthy prey drive.
Use the same stuff professional trainers use.
And get present - terrific toy , your dog will love to play with !!!
The set includes:
1.Pocket toy tug with handle
2.Small bite tug with handle
3.Linen bite rag with handle
Free gift - ball with bell inside ($5.9 value)
French Linen tugs for daily training

French Linen set of Tugs for Fun Training

Key features of this dog bite set:

  • quality materials
  • equipped with 1 or 2 handles
  • carefully stitched on the edges
  • non-toxic stuffed

Intended use of this dog bite set:

  • biting skills training
  • retrieve item
  • training puppy or young dog

Sizes available:

  • width - 1 3/4 (4 cm), length - 12 inch (30 cm)
  • width - 2 1/3 inch (6 cm), length - 12 inch (30 cm)
  • width - 4 inch (10 cm), length - 24 inch (60 cm)


  • French linen
Bite developing with French Linen tugs

French Linen Tug Set for Training and cool gift - Rubber Ball for Fun Training

This training set includes following items:

1. This strong french linen bite tug which is 1 3/4 (4 cm) in width and 12 inch (30 cm) in length. Price of the item is $8.9. If you want to learn more please click here.

Puppy bite tug

Puppy Bite Tug with 1 Handle

2.Another great part of this set is this French linen tug that is 2 1/3 (6 cm) wide and 12 inch (30 cm) long. Its value is $10.4. If you want to learn more about this item click here.

French linen bite tug

Safe and Effective Training Tool of French Linen

3. Also, this set includes this puppy rag for fun and training. Its width is 4 inch (10 cm) and its length is 24 inch (60 cm). Value of the product is $14.9. More details are here.

French linen bite rag

Puppy Training Rag

Buying this set you get extra bonus - it is this amazing colorful dog training ball which value is $5.9 and you don't pay a cent for it. More details on this item are here.

Rubber ball with bell

Rubber Ball with Bell Inside

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