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Chrome Plated Choke Dog Collar for Training and Behavior Correction 1/8 inch (3,5 mm)

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  • Model: MC25#1073 200.00.350 Chrome plated choke collar 3.5mm


Chrome Plated Choke Dog Collar for Efficient Training

It is well known that choke collars are very effective in training, especially when canine has problem with behavior. We are happy to offer you this Steel Chrome Plated Choke Collar. The design of this choke chain is made for efficiency, that is why it has many small links. This product is recommended for canines that have problems with pulling or for dogs with other serious behavior issues.

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Choke Chain for Dog Behavior Correction

Choke Dog Chain for Training and Behavior Correction

How does it work?

First it seems that using choke chain is a piece of cake (and this collar is really easy in use), but still it requires certain knowledge and skills so if you do not have any, please consult your dog trainer before using this choke chain.

Choke collar works when you pull the leash: it presses the dog's neck creating the sense of choking. The dog understands that he acts wrong and stops doing this action. Please note, that if used properly it doesn' really choke the dog. He can breathe, move or pant but the pressure irritates him. This exact Choke Collar is very "educative" as small links create greater pressure around the neck so the collar works faster and better.

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Chrome Plated Ring of Choke Dog Collar

Strong Choke Collar Ring to Attach the Leash

The collar varies in weight depending on its size. Thus, the smallest one is 4.4 oz (125 g), while the biggest one is 6,9 oz (195 g).

Please, note that it is very important to choose the proper size. Take measuring tape and find out the size of your dog's head and neck. Add 2-3 inches to the neck size and you get the proper fitting collar for your pet. In order for you to be easier to get the proper size, we included the sizing table below. It contains the collar sizes and dog's neck circumferences they fit to. Thus, you just need to take measurements of your canine and choose the collar size from the table.

Sizing Chart:

Sizes available Dog's neck size
16 inch (40 cm) will do for your dog with neck size of 13-14 inch (32.5-35 cm)
18 inch (45 cm) will do for your dog with neck size of 15-16 inch (37.5-40 cm)
20 inch (50 cm) will do for your dog with neck size of 17-18 inch (42.5-45 cm)
22 inch (55 cm) will do for your dog with neck size of 19-20 inch (47.5-50 cm)
24 inch (60 cm) will do for your dog with neck size of 21-22 inch (52.5-55 cm)
26 inch (65 cm) will do for your dog with neck size of 23-24 inch (57.5-60 cm)
28 inch (70 cm) will do for your dog with neck size of 25-26 inch (62.5-65 cm)
30 inch (75 cm) will do for your dog with neck size of 27-28 inch (67.5-70 cm)

Key features of this Dog Collar:

  • steel chrome plated
  • smooth and polished
  • excellent tensile strength
  • 2 O-rings for leash attachment
  • 1/8 inch (3,5 mm) thick
  • 1/2 inch (13 mm) wide
  • 4/5 inch (20 mm) long
  • corrosion resistant

Intended use of this Dog Collar:

  • training
  • behavior correction

Sizes available:

  • see our sizing chart


  • steel chrome plated

Why do we think that this Collar is good for your dog?

  • It is effective in correcting the dog's behavior.
  • It doesn't rust and corrode since it is steel chrome plated.
  • It is easy in use.
  • It is gorgeous and smooth. Polished chain looks very adorable.
  • This collar is an affordable training tool.

The rules of proper Choke Chain use?

  • The rings of the collar should be always on top. If the rings are under the dog's neck, the collar will not give proper effect for behavior correction.
  • Remember that choke chain is not a walking collar so it is recommended to use it for training purposes and when the necessity exists.
  • If you want to take your dog off the leash and let him run a bit without your control, it is better to take the chain off as well. Otherwise he can hook up with it and get injured.

Does your dog have long hair? We recommend you this excellent Fur Saver Choke Chain to train your pet with comfort and to protect his coat from pulling out or damaging. Check our Silent Leather Choke Collar as well: it doesn't make sound when used and provides very gentle, but efficient training.

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