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American Bulldog

NEW ARRIVALS - American Bulldog

Bulldog in Gorgeous Leather Harness From the History of the Breed:

American Bulldog Breed originated in England, probably by crossing dogs, similar to Mastiff, Moloss and Wolfhound. Name “Bulldog” (literally means bull dog) was mentioned for the first time in the 16 century. The functional purpose of these dogs was very cruel – dogs were trained for bull baiting. Due to selecting only the most courageous, intelligent, fearless representatives of the breed could give next generation. The fate of the weak, slow or too large dogs was predetermined during fight. This cruel bulls’ fighting was banned only in 1835. Dog owners began to crossbreed their pets with other breeds, which enabled a new line of fighting dogs to develop and have led to change in the appearance of a bulldog. Modern American Bulldog owes his appearance to the settlers from England to America, which took their pets to the New World and thus protected the breed from the changes under the influence of terriers’ blood.

Country of Origin: U.S.

General appearance: American Bulldog - is a well built muscular and athletic animal with short hair. American Bulldog possesses great strength, endurance and agility. Males are bigger in size, with heavier bone and more muscular than females.

Height and weight:
Height at withers: males - from 58 to 68.5 cm, females - from 53 to 63.5 cm
Weight: males - from 34 to 54.5 kg, females - from 27 to 38.5 kg.

Shorter than one inch (2.54 cm) coat, that varies from mild to coarse. Long or curly coat is not allowed.


Most Bulldogs are white colored with different tints, including black, red, brown, fawn and all shades of brindle.


Head should be relatively large and broad towards the size and overall constitution of the dog. Top of the head should be flat. This gives it a square shape. There should be pronounced interorbital furrow between the eyes. The head is well muscled with prominent cheeks.


They should be placed high on top of the head, medium in size and be folded in the form of the envelope or rose.


They vary from round to almond shape; medium in size.


Brown eyes are preferred.

Bully in a Leather Harness


The neck has the form of a slightly curved arch, very muscular, of medium length, tapering from shoulders to head.


The size of teeth varies from medium to large and they should not be visible when the mouth is closed. The flews are of medium thickness with black pigment; outlining flews are more preferable. The flews with some degree of pink color are allowed.


Wide, fairly compact, strong and well balanced. The elbows should not be turned inside out or retracted. The back should be broad and moderately short, showing great strength.


It should be deep and moderately wide, creating impression of strength and athletic opportunities. The front part should be straight and well balanced. The rib cage should not be narrow or too broad. The elbows should turn neither in nor out.


It should be tough at the base, tapering to a hock in a relaxed position. Tail may be turned behind the back in excited state. Tail in the form of "handle from the pump" is preferable. Beginning from the vertical position of the tail when dog is excited and varying to a position between the hock joints in relaxed state is allowed. The tail must not end with a complete circle on the top.

Limbs (front and rear):
Limbs must be strong, well-muscled with straight moderately heavy bones. Hindquarters must be of moderate angles and parallel, however there should not be excessive and straighten corners. Too bandy or cow hocks of hindquarters are prohibited.
Attractive features:
This is quite calm and balanced dog, which can be left with your children. You don’t have to worry that this pet can bring harm to your children as far as Bulldogs is caring and affectionate. The breed is perfect for family life; its representatives become quickly attached to their owners and stay their closest allies for life. Despite the fact that these dogs are not aggressive, if necessary, they will defend their owners to the last breath, even if the force is clearly not on their side. This distinctive feature allows you to make choice in their favor if you need not only loyal and devoted friend, but a reliable guard for your home as well.

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