• Model: L11##1073 Nylon dog leash for training Elsa-Anya*

Any Weather Nylon Dog Leash for Tracking/Training/Walking

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I've attached a picture of Elsa-Anya and I in our tracking school. It came off of a film and unfortunately the harness does not show up.

But it is still a very cool pic.

Merry Christmas

Dog nylon leash for dog training, tracking and everyday walking. There are four different sizes that you may choose according to your needs. Both professional dog trainers and ordinary dog owners like this leash model. Make your dog's work and everyday walking more comfortable with this Nylon Dog Leash

Dog nylon leash size:3/4'' on 13'(2.0 cm on 400.0 cm)
Dog nylon leash size:3/4'' on 20'(2.0 cm on 600.0 cm)
Dog nylon leash size:3/4'' on 27'(2.0 cm on 800.0 cm)
Dog nylon leash size:3/4'' on 33'(2.0 cm on 1000.0 cm)

dog leash

I have recieved my order today and I'm very happy with the harness and lead leash. thanks for your business.

From: Ray, New Jersey, United States

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